Getting to the starting line

An interesting sequence of events happened in my wee world last week.  This may get a little “woo woo/airy fairy” for you, so bear with me.

  1. About the middle of last week I received an email from daily mile, a site I hadn’t logged into in over a year, saying that Gordon Harvey had added me as a friend.  Now, I found Gordon during my first romance with running via his podcast Running to Disney, which is no more.  I loved that podcast because Gordon was a regular guy who took up running to improve his health and lose weight.  (He’s got a blog called This Running Life, if you want to learn more.)  That podcast introduced me to daily mile and I requested that Gordon add me as a friend, but then he stopped using the site, although he never stopped running.  I stopped using the site because I DID stop running so imagine my surprise when I got that friend confirmation from Gordon many moons later!
  2. The day after that email a coworker/friend requested I add her to my friends on RunKeeper.
  3. The day after THAT a friend challenged me to run the Parks Half Marathon with her in September.  There’s no way I’d be ready to run a half by September and I’m not keen on injuring myself, so I believe I’ll pass.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I get three nudges from God/the Universe that say, unmistakably, “RUN,” I lace up my shoes and do just that.

I got up early-ish on Saturday, fed the cats and donned my running attire (including heart rate monitor, fitbit headphones) and headed out.  At that time I was still under the delusion that a half might be possible, so I cued up the 10K Runner app, did the full run/walk sequence, then went back and did it again.  I completed 3 miles including warm up and cool down and was kind of proud of myself.

Yesterday I walked for an hour over the hills of the neighborhood.  It was hot and humid and gross and I had to climb this bugger…

Hill from Hell

Hill from Hell

…but I did it.

Tonight after work I’ll do Week 1 – Day 2 of my training plan.  I’m kind of excited.

Run on, y’all!


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