Restart after a false start

Ok, I know I was getting back on track in late March, but I got right back off track, which is why I haven’t posted until today.

Today I can proudly say that last week, mid-week, I went back to the second day of my second week of couch to 5K training. I’ve been helping out my parents by cat/house-sitting a few days/nights each week while they’re out of town (neighbors check in when I’m not there) and they have a treadmill. This has been a tremendous luxury to me – I’ve even gotten up early to run before work!

Yesterday, Sunday, I was home and decided to do the first day of week three there in the neighborhood. I ran only on my street because it’s the most level street in the neighborhood. It still involved a cumulative climb of 182 feet! Surprisingly, however, it was much easier than it’s been in the past, which was encouraging.

A particularly motivating factor is that both my younger and older sister now have fitbits, so my competitive spirit is coming out. After my training run, I felt so good that I decided to walk a while until I’d met my 10K step goal for the day. By the end of the day – with housekeeping and errands – I’d completed 18,707 steps, 59 flights & 8.65 miles. Still, my sisters have an edge on me since they continued walking even when I was in “fuck it” mode. I’m scrambling to catch up to them with steps since my average is about 1.5-2K lower than theirs.

Of course, weight and fitness are highly motivating to me, too. I like being able to breathe more easily, to have more stamina and to be able to reach all the bits that need reaching in the shower without acrobatics. (That one is HUGE for me.) So while tonight is not a running night, I’ll be walking at home and, time permitting, doing some strength training.

And with that, it’s time to go.

Run on, y’all!


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