Cassia 101

  • It’s pronounced CASH-uh, like when someone asks you if you have any cash and all you can think is “uh.”
  • I was born in ’72, or at least that’s what the birth certificate says.  I feel a lot younger than that.
  • Displaced Texan, living in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.
  • I have two sisters (one older, one younger) and a brother (older).  I love them deeply, “warts and all”.
  • I have a leopard gecko, two cats, 6 sheep and a fluctuating number of chickens – currently 7
  • I share a home, one of the cats and all of the sheep and chickens with a wonderful man who can do complicated math in his head (which I think is sexy) and who makes me laugh A LOT.
  • I love to knit.  And read.  And write.  And sleep.  Oh man, am I good at sleeping.
  • I’ve started and given up running many times over the past few years using various excuses for not sticking with it – not enough time being my favorite.
  • It’s been the same with weight loss, except the excuse has been that I’m too tired to make good choices.
  • I’m 5’3″ tall and weighed 182 at my highest (I think).
  • I’m a big ol’ pear.
  • I currently weigh 177.6 – 15 July 2013

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